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Outside the Box Considerations

Our investment Strategy

 Once a goal has been decided and a time line established the success of the financial plan is largely dependent on an appropriate investment recommendation.  At Southern Wealth Advisors, we take into consideration your risk level when selecting the type of investment tools such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, ETF’s or Index funds.  We match the investment risk with the kind of security and use value based approach to selecting the portfolio.  The goal is to provide the best possible outcome of success and avoid pit falls like running out of money in retirement.

Investing involves risk including loss of principle.  No strategy can ensure success.

Social Security and Taxes

 An essential component to pursuing a successful financial plan is the investment performance, however, many plans do not put enough focus on the power of maximizing social security benefits and tax strategies.  Neither are as sexy as investments returns but both can substantially change your quality of life during retirement.  Understanding the relationship between taxes, Social Security, and cash flow may influence how you meet your living expenses both before and during retirement.   Additionally, understanding the connection between your investment returns and growing health concerns like long term care requirements and increasing health care cost can impact the type of required returns.

The fiduciary standard and the designation:  CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™

At Southern Wealth Advisors you are working with a designated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®). The designation has emerged as the industry standard when it comes to comprehensive financial planning services. When looking for a financial planner this is a good place to start in determining if you are sitting across the table from someone who has taken the time to obtain the training and education necessary to earn the CFP® designation.

The fiduciary

At Southern Wealth Advisors we are acting in your best interest as a fiduciary.  The term “fiduciary” isn’t widely understood by the average investor, yet it has a powerful influence on the type of financial guidance and advice you will receive. A simple definition is that a fiduciary relationship exists when the financial advisor has a fiduciary responsibility to act with prudence and in the best interest of their clients.

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